7 layer salad

7 layer salad

By: Julie Clark Published: Apr 22, 2019

A lot better than conventional several layer salad, this easy part dish recipe is higher protein as it is packed with dairy products, sausage and chicken eggs. The foamy home made getting dressed posseses an amazing taste. It’s a layered greens ideal for picnics and potlucks.

Everybody knows that ovum often consider center stage in the Easter getaway. Have you enhance Easter time eggs or maybe use a delicious egg cell casserole for Easter time brunch? In that case, you most likely enjoyed eggs from Ohio! For this particular 7 Layer Greens menu, we partnered with all the Ohio Fowl Connection. Ohio is among the greatest egg farming says in the land, generating more than 9.5 billion dollars ovum annually.

A unique thanks to the OPA for recruiting this post. Of course, all opinions are our own.

Easter time is finished, but you know what? Chicken eggs aren’t just for Easter time! These days we’re sharing the perfect way to use up some of those Easter time tough boiled ovum in this 7 Covering Salad formula. It’s a classic.

Even if this salad menu is perfect for potlucks and picnics, our kids can devour it in one seated. It’s that excellent.

What is 7 covering salad?

Several Covering Salad is actually a standard American meal that is served within a glass container to enable you to see all the gorgeous, vibrant layers. Even though conventional menu has evolved somewhat over time based on just what a loved ones likes, there is one thing that has always remained the same: People like it. it’s the PERFECT picnic side recipe.

7 Covering Salad Dressing

The first step to earning 7 layer greens would be to mix up the getting dressed. Allowing the getting dressed to “rest” while you prepare the rest of the salad helps the flavours to merge together magnificently.

Our menu calls for mayonnaise, just a little bitter product, a bit of glucose for taste and….parmesan cheese. Guys….I was able to put parmesan dairy products to every single.individual.factor I consume. I discover it provides incredible taste and richness to quality recipes. And this seven coating greens dressing up is not any different!

**Professional Idea: Use fresh shredded Parmesan cheeses to find the best flavour. Buy a obstruct of Parmesan and make use of a dairy products grater to grate it carefully. It’s so much better than pre-shredded Parmesan.**

What exactly is in 7 covering greens?

You’ll locate diverse substances in almost every 7 coating greens menu you gaze at. Once we make our greens we believe a couple of things. The very first is color. We wish our salad to be fairly! The second is proteins. I love to sneak extra protein into any formula I can. My kids are energetic and it’s challenging to get sufficient protein in them at times.

One ovum has 13 crucial vitamins and minerals, in addition no glucose without any carbohydrates. Incorporating ovum for this salad is a terrific way to add not only proteins, but other essential dietary must this salad.

Listed below are the levels:

  1. Lettuce
  2. Tomato
  3. Peas
  4. Difficult Boiled Eggs
  5. Cheddar
  6. Dressing up
  7. Sausage

Several Tiers Complete! Now let’s talk about every one.


Seven layer salad traditionally demands iceberg lettuce. Many times we shall coating iceberg lettuce with baby spinach. This adds to the pretty environmentally friendly colour at the base covering from the dish. Use spring lettuce combine or Romaine if you’d like!


We utilized grape tomatoes that people sliced up in half. We also prefer to use sliced up Roma tomato plants because they are small. If you have back garden clean tomatoes, undoubtedly use individuals.

Use frosty peas rather than canned peas. Frozen peas could have a better color plus they are stronger than processed peas. Don’t worry about cooking the peas. Just permit them to thaw and include these to the greens.

Difficult Boiled Ovum.

Use leftover Easter chicken eggs or whip out some difficult boiled ovum swiftly. We love to create chicken eggs in the Quick Pot. We discover they come out magnificently each time! In the event you have problems with all the shell sticking to the egg cell and never coming away cleanly, make sure you are using chicken eggs which are about 7-10 days outdated. Clean eggs are not as easy to peel off. You can even position the warm eggs into a container of ice-cubes normal water to cool them quickly. Cooling down triggers the ovum to deal a bit inside the casing which in turn makes it much simpler to remove. Allow them to sit in the ice-cubes normal water for 5 a few minutes then remove them.


As with the Parmesan, we recommend making use of fresh shredded cheddar dairy products. We prefer the flavor of sharp cheddar, but use a gentle cheddar if you’d like.

Getting dressed.

This is actually the ideal level of dressing for people. Should you be afraid it won’t be sufficient, you could make a little more and serve it on the side.


Ensure that the bacon is drained, cooled and crumbled before incorporating it for the greens. We often pick-up a maple flavoured sausage plus it adds a slight sweet taste for the salad that is just unrivaled!

How far in advance could you make 7 coating greens?

It is really an best make-ahead greens. You place the “heartier” layers up to the dressing and the lettuce sits in the bottom. The dressing covers the top of the salad to “seal” in the quality. You can easily get this salad one day before serving it. Make sure the dressing up addresses the very best then deal with the bowl with plastic material wrap and refrigerate right up until serving.

Just how long does several covering salad very last?

Provided that the levels are in tact, the greens will remain fresh for around twenty four hours. But how about once you drill down to the salad and also the layers get a tiny combined? At this time the lettuce may start to wilt the more you continue it. We choose to eat any leftovers the same day.

If include a little more lettuce the next day, you may find it remains alright to consume.

How to Assist Several Coating Greens

As you can tell from your image, this salad is gorgeous when introduced within a large window container. The bowl we utilized was 4 quarts.

If you’d like, you can even make individual portions in large oral cavity mason jars or in smaller solitary servicing size cup bowls.

What primary dish should go properly with 7 layer greens?

When we think of this easy salad recipe, we think of summer time foods! Grilled chicken, smoked turkey or chicken hamburgers are a few of our favorites.

Favored Egg Recipes

For additional about Ohio ovum farm owners and to get cooking food tips, quality recipes and nourishment information, go to and adhere to the Ohio Poultry Connection on Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram.

Make sure you scroll as a result of study the answers to frequently requested questions regarding ovum.

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