7 layer bars

7 layer bars

A timeless dessert which is always popular — 7 Covering Bars having a buttery graham cracker crust, cooking french fries, and coconut

Starting today’s article with a disclaimer that these particular night clubs *technically* have 8 tiers, but I’m calling them “7 Covering Bars” because they are still fairly standard 7 Covering “Magic” Night clubs.

Do you know the standard Tiers inside a 7 Coating Nightclub?

  • Graham Crackers
  • Butter
  • Delicious chocolate potato chips
  • Butterscotch Chips
  • Chopped Almonds
  • Sweetened Condensed Milk products
  • Flaked Coconut

So what’s the covering that simply Needed to be included in these night clubs? White-colored chocolates obviously! These night clubs have milk products chocolate french fries, butterscotch potato chips, AND white chocolate and they are the very best version of any 7 Covering Bar I’ve ever endured!

“7 Coating Bars” are one more treat (her well-known carmelitas here) my mom produced usually being raised — especially across the holidays. We could constantly expect these around October-Nov and had possibly as well a lot of them (if that’s even a thing…) in Dec.

My mom always transformed out the preparing potato chips and the nut products she’d consist of, but she by no means did white-colored chocolate…because she really hates white colored chocolates. But me? I Adore it. And honestly, I adore it a lot more when it’s coupled with milk delicious chocolate. So, for me, they are the ultimate 7 Coating Bars, by becoming 8 levels

Besides the real consuming these treats, certainly one of the best aspects of this treat will it be is a 1 pan take care of. You don’t require any mixing dishes or beaters to make these. The graham cracker crust becomes manufactured in the particular pan you’ll bake these bars in! (In the event you don’t get pre-crushed graham crackers, you may need a foods processor, food processor, or ziplock case + moving pin to grind them.)

You’ll blend the graham cracker crumbs having a entire delicious stay of melted butter and make up the crust right in the pan. And then you just covering up: milk delicious chocolate french fries, butterscotch potato chips, white colored chocolate potato chips, pecans, a can of sweetened condensed milk products, lastly the last coating: shredded coconut.

The main reason I place the coconut along with the sweetened condensed whole milk (rather than below it), is simply because I adore the texture and preference of this in this way! The coconut gets nice and toasted within the oven or even a tiny little bit crunchy. Even though it might not be your standard way to make 7 covering night clubs, it’s my absolute favorite way to enjoy them! An additional great advantage of these pubs? You obtain a great deal of bang for your buck — this formula fills up a 9 x 13 pan, however, these night clubs are extremely RICH that you’ll desire to minimize them pretty tiny. And in case you cut these into tiny bars, you’ll you obtain a large number of treats using this menu (perfect for the holidays!).

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